Get an All-Access Pass with the Smart ID for UCI Students

ZotKey is a smart access ID developed by UC Irvine that provides secure and convenient access to various campus services. From building and shuttle access to meal plans or bookstore purchases, the UCI ZotKey will unlock your full potential. Coming to our campus soon.

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Simple, safe, convenient

The ZotKey is an Anteater's one card to rule them all, making it a breeze to get around UCI's 1,500-acre campus. This mandatory all-access smart ID for students in California is designed to enhance your campus experience, providing simple, safe, and convenient access to all that UCI has to offer.

 And with the latest smart card technology California has to offer, your ZotKey is ready in record time: simply upload your photo and we’ll pre-print it, ready for you to collect. The ZotKey also comes with an app that provides additional features to streamline UCI students' daily routines and improve their campus experience.

One Card
for Everything
With the ZotKey smart ID card of UC Irvine, you can easily grab a bite to eat around campus, check out library books, access your dorm room, and more coming soon.
Exclusively for Anteaters 
The ZotKey smart ID card of UC Irvine grants access to Anteaters only, keeping the campus safe for UCI students, faculty, and staff.
Getting Around Campus is a Breeze 
Use your smart ID card from UC Irvine on our shuttles and zip across campus with a tap.

Students, Staff, and Parents Love It

Top up quickly
Parents and students can easily add money to ZotKeys online, providing a seamless experience for managing finances with their UC Irvine student smart ID. Transfers happen instantly — with no waiting around for deposits to clear.
Staying sustainable
One UC Irvine student smart card for everything means less plastic waste, part of UCI’s commitment to reducing our campus’s ecological footprint.
Keeping UCI safe
UCI’s student smart ID only gives access to the people who need it, keeping your campus safe and secure.

Accepted at

With the ZotKey ID of UC Irvine, students can easily pay for their meals without the hassle of carrying cash or credit cards.
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The ZotKey ID provides secure access to dorm rooms and other restricted areas, ensuring that only authorized students can enter.
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The ZotKey ID of UC Irvine streamlines the library experience by allowing students to easily access library facilities and check out books.
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UCI’s very own ZotKey is a smart ID card for students in Irvine, CA that serves as a one-stop solution to access various facilities on campus. With the UC Irvine ZotKey smart ID, students can quickly and securely access dining, dorm rooms, the library, and more. 

The ZotKey is available through the Atrium Campus Connect app for iOS and Android devices. Students can also get a physical card by visiting The Hill during business hours.

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